Project Management Software

Project Management software – Primavera , MPP , RIBCCS

We strive to empower clients with accurate cost estimates, transparent timelines, visual workflows, and
collaborative platforms, our combined expertise and tailored solutions leverage the synergy of these
software tools for effective project management.

Our tailored solutions cater to clients’ unique needs,
ranging from detailed cost breakdowns to visual representations, fostering transparency, efficiency, and
successful project outcomes. Our solutions are based on the following key powerful industry tools, all of
which provide integrated project data, fostering strategic decision-making and holistic project oversight,
each one applied in their unique ways to better represent Client workflows.

Microsoft Project

Project Timelines: Create visually appealing Gantt charts and timelines that illustrate project milestones, tasks, and dependencies for clear project scheduling.

Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocate resources, including personnel and equipment, to tasks and phases of the project to optimize resource utilization.

Critical Path Analysis: Identify the critical path of the project, which helps in determining the sequence of tasks that must be completed on time to ensure the project’s overall schedule.

Progress Tracking: Regularly update and share progress reports with clients, displaying completed tasks, upcoming milestones, and any potential delays.

Resource Workload: Provide insights into the workload of each resource over time, enabling better resource management and preventing overallocation.


Portfolio Management: Assist clients in managing multiple projects simultaneously, analyzing their interdependencies, resource sharing, and alignment with strategic goals.

Risk Analysis: Perform risk assessments and “what-if” scenarios to help clients anticipate potential project challenges and plan mitigation strategies. Earned

Value Management: Deliver reports that show how much value has been earned from completed work compared to planned progress, aiding in cost and schedule forecasting.

Integrated Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports that combine project schedules, budgets, resources, and performance metrics, offering a holistic view of project health.

Collaboration Platform: Utilize Primavera’s collaboration features to facilitate communication among team members, stakeholders, and clients, fostering transparency and better decision-making.

Remember that the outputs you provide will depend on your clients’ specific needs and the nature of the projects you’re managing. By leveraging these software tools effectively, you can offer your clients valuable insights, transparency, and control over their projects’ progress, costs, and overall success.

RibbCCS Candy

Comprehensive Project Planning: Leverage RibbCCS Candy’s planning module to create detailed project plans, outlining tasks, timelines, and dependencies for a well-structured project roadmap.

Resource Allocation: Efficiently assign resources, both human and material, to tasks, ensuring optimal resource utilization and preventing bottlenecks.

Realistic Scheduling: Develop realistic project schedules that take into account factors like task durations, resource availability, and potential delays, resulting in more accurate timelines. Activity-Based

Costing: Integrate project planning with cost estimation, allowing clients to understand the financial implications of each project activity and decision.

Visual Workflow: Visualize project workflows through interactive diagrams, enhancing clients’ understanding of the project’s flow and critical milestones. Gantt

Charts: Generate Gantt charts that provide clients with a clear visual representation of project tasks, durations, start and end dates, and task dependencies.

Time Location Charts: Utilize RibbCCS Candy’s Time Location functionality to create charts that display the progress of various project activities over time, allowing clients to visualize construction sequencing and track progress.

Incorporating RibbCCS Candy’s ability to output Gantt charts and Time Location Charts alongside Microsoft Project and Primavera will further enrich the array of outputs you can offer to clients, enhancing project communication, transparency, and decision-making.

Advantages of usage of each software

Undoubtedly CCSRIB offers the most powerful integration between Bill of Quantities, Resourcing (materials, equipment, manpower, productivity rates, money and time) and Planning, allowing all the necessary outputs for construction purposes from tendering to project execution.

MSP is a powerful yet light and cost effective ordinary planning tool that can be commonly used.

Primavera, is the most highly developed and accepted industry tool, but lacking the versatility of MSP and certainly the functionalities of CCSRIB

The choice is to suit the needs of the specific project, the literacy of managers in the use of these platforms.

Disadvantages of choosing only one software: convertibility between software is becoming increasingly difficult due to each software development to suite specific needs, and client requests.